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CropsTV offers timely agronomic updates virtually

Photo courtesy of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach

Iowa State University Extension and Outreach moved its Crop Advantage Series and Integrated Crop Management conferences to an online format, through a program called CropsTV.

The new offering allows farmers and agribusinesses to access live and recorded content at their convenience, shares Meaghan Anderson, Extension field agronomist.

“We’re offering a combination of live broadcasts and exclusive prerecorded content, totaling 45 hours of material for subscribers to watch,” Anderson says. “Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we’ll have a live program online at 9 a.m. After that program occurs, it will go online for anybody that may have missed it. We’ll also have special 1 o’ clock session on Wednesday.”

CropsTV will cover a “variety of topics,” including “soil and water,” says Anderson. The program, which kicked off today (Tuesday), will run through the first week of February.

“(There is) a ton of variety in our speakers, including our invited presenters, from out of state. That will be fun to have them join us in a format where people can interact with them. Then we’ll have our old favorites,” Anderson says. “Chad Hart is going to join us, as well as and Wendong Zhang, a number of speakers that we would normally have at our winter program.”

For more information on CropsTV, visit aep.iastate.com/cropstv. A one-time registration fee of $45 provides viewers access to livestream programs, on-demand viewing, CCA credits, and program materials.