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Crop tour scouts are slightly disappointed with corn yields they found across western Iowa

by Ben Nuelle

Scouts made their way from south to north in western Iowa Wednesday ending in Spencer. Chip Flory with Pro Farmer says it just didn’t feel like a record crop.

When you are talking about making a record yield in a state you have to have all eight cylinders you don’t want to have on skip and miss and not doing anything. I felt like the west central district, which is traditionally a very high yielding district was missing a little bit this year, and it was.”

Flory says when they wrapped up in Iowa, yield estimates were down a little over 2 percent from a year ago. Now when we got into the northwest part of the state it was basically the same as last year. Just up .8% from last year on the corn yields, but the big game changer for the western part of the state was the southwest part of the state, up 15% from last year. That is a game changer.”

District 1 corn yields came in at 189 bushels per acre, District 4 at 181, and District 7 at 191.Flory says, “In a very important part of the state that may be enough to offset that slight down tick in yield in the west central part of the state and add to a basically steady yield that we saw in the northwest part of the state.”

Soybean pod counts in 3×3 squares came in a 1,226 for District 1. District 4 had 1,265 and District 7 had 1,380. Scouts will hit Minnesota tomorrow ending in Rochester.

The tour is sponsored by DuPont Pioneer.