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Crop insurance considerations for 2021

Photo courtesy of Farm Credit Services of America (FCSAmerica)

Among the greatest of challenges this past year was adverse weather. Midwest farmers battled a derecho and moderate to severe drought.

Crop insurance policies once again proved valuable. An industry expert speaks to items worth considering when it comes to enrolling in federal crop insurance.

“There are now more choices than ever before when it comes to crop insurance,” states Doug Burns, vice president of related services at Farm Credit Services of America.

Burns understands how daunting of a task this can be. He suggest farmers start by making a farm program decision.

“It starts with your farm program decision – ARC and PLC. That’s an annual decision now, and it’s an important decision,” Burns says. “We, at Farm Credit Services of America, are excited to have an exclusive analysis tool, called Optimum, which helps producers navigate these choices and take emotion out of making those decisions.”

Private products often get overlooked in the enrollment process, according to Burns. He encourages producers to assess their options when it comes to private products, as well as new changes to crop insurance.

“This year there’s one we’re excited about, a new product called Enhanced Coverage Option, or ECO,” Burns says. “It’s an add-on product to your regular crop insurance, where you can get up to 95-percent on an area-based coverage that sits on top. That’s going to bring new options this year to producers who maybe want only a five-percent deductible.”

Burns reminds producers: “Crop insurance is the only input that guarantees your income.” He suggests working closely with your trusted advisor to make the best decision for your operation.