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Cover crops: there’s more than meets the rye.

Photo courtesy of Soil RX

Cover crops are certainly being discussed more and more in agriculture. As Iowa focuses on water quality initiatives, many people are exploring cover crops for the first time. While every field is different, there are many options available.  A Minnesota-based company is bringing these options all over the Upper-Midwest, including Iowa.

Audio: Full Interview with Cody Nelson of Soil RX 

Cody Nelson is the owner of Soil RX Inc, which is based out of Belview, Minnesota. Nelson says this year is affording many producers who have never used cover crops a chance to use them for the first time.

Nelson says getting the most benefit out of cover crops boils down to using the right species at the right times.

Ryegrasses are certainly a popular choice for many producers, but Nelson says you can also get benefits from species like radishes. These will help the soil at lower depths.

Nelson says not all ryegrasses are the same. If you are going the ryegrass route, make sure you are educating yourself on which type you are using.

To find out more about Soil Rx, you can visit their website.