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Corteva’s Resicore XL available for farmers in 2023

Photo courtesy of Corteva Agriscience

With more weeds starting to become resistant to many herbicides and the application time is minimal, Corteva has worked diligently to produce an herbicide with less weed resistance, a longer application period, and overall, a better reliability for farmers.

U.S. product manager for corn herbicides for Corteva Agriscience, Kelly White explains what Resicore XL is and the benefits farmers receive when using this herbicide.

White talks about recently receiving federal registration for Resicore XL and are now working towards receiving state labels. She explains their plans in having the herbicide ready for the 2023 application season.

When being a farmer, weed management is an essential practice needed every season. White talks about Resicore XL being reliable and explains the three modes of action the herbicide has.

White mentions a few consistent weeds being problem target weeds that need managed mostly every season. She talks about how important it is to Corteva to have products and product flexibility to fit each situation and how Resicore XL fits in those areas.

White discusses different types of innovation that Corteva is working on and continuously do to help the farmers have the best corn fields. She mentions how they look at the next generation of problems that could arise in the fields and how they go about putting that research into new products for farmers to maximize their yields.

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