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Corteva’s DuraCor herbicide approved for Iowa pastures

Photo Courtesy of Corteva Agriscience

For years, producers have been taking advantage of Corteva’s GrazonNext® pasture herbicides. They have a proven track record against broadleaf weeds in your pasture, giving you more forage available per acre. That translates into increased gain on your beef herd. Now, Corteva is excited for the next generation of pasture broadleaf control; DuraCorTM

The state of Iowa has approved DuraCorTM. Brant Mettler is a Territory Manager for Corteva AgriScience. He specializes in pasture and land management. He talks to us about the upgrade DuraCor will give to users of the GrazonNext® herbicides.

Mettler says that DuraCorTM is not a restricted use pesticide. Which makes it available to more small producers. It also takes less product per acre. This means you will get the same amount of coverage with fewer inputs. It is also non-volatile. This means there is no damage to sensitive plants caused by drift. It is safe to use near soybeans, vineyards, and gardens.

Mettler says that DuraCorTM also has an increased weed control package over GrazonNext®. It gives producers a “shotgun approach” to pasture weed control.

To learn more about Corteva’s DuraCor herbicide, visit their website.