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Corteva excited about the Enlist weed control system

Photo Courtesy of Corteva

It is a never-ending battle against the weeds in our fields. It seems just when we think we have things under control, weeds seem to adapt. Corteva is excited about their Enlist weed control system and what it will be able to offer you.

Audio: Full Interview with Corteva’s Haley Nabors at Commodity Classic

Corteva’s Haley Nabors talks about Enlist program and their E3 beans. They are planning to make a big market splash for the 2020 growing season.

Nabors says with Enlist Duo and Enlist One herbicides, growers will be able to control glyphosate-tolerant weeds with a product that stays on its target.

With farmers constantly eyeing their bottom lines, Nabors says a weed control program that gives you season-long control is going to mean more bushels in the bin.

To learn more visit the Enlist website.