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Corn yields continue to surprise Iowa farmers


A southwest Iowa farmer reports average soybean yields, but surprising corn yields.

Larry Klever farms ground in Audubon, Iowa. Klever wrapped up soybean harvest last week. He says soybean yields were average this year.

“We had a rough growing and harvest season for soybeans,” Klever said. “It took us about 30 days to get our beans out due to a couple bad weeks of weather in between. The yields are 60 (bushels/acre), and that’s very similar to last year.”

Klever began harvesting corn late last week. The first field brought Klever surprising yields.

“The first field is a poorly drained bottom field. In the past, 170-180 (bushels/acre) would have been its top yield. This year it did 200, so it makes me optimistic for the other corn we’re going to get into. I think that being a bottom land, the extra dryness was maybe good for it this year,” Klever said.

Klever hopes the weather will hold through for the remainder of harvest. When I spoke to Klever at his farm Friday, snow flurries fell to the ground.