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Corn technology boosts bottom lines

Source: Wikimedia Commons

A relatively new corn technology is benefiting those on and off the farm.

AUDIO: Chris Tingle, Syngenta

Syngenta first introduced Enogen® corn to producers seven years ago. Chris Tingle, head of commercial operations for Syngenta, discusses the early purposes of this technology.

“Initially working with ethanol plants, bringing process efficiencies and adding value to their bottom lines,” Tingle said. “That’s been quite a journey of rapid acceleration and adoption across what I call, the ethanol belt. (We’re) bringing more value to ethanol production, corn growers, as well as our local communities.”

Ethanol plants find value in Enogen® corn, which contains a specific enzyme, helping better convert corn into ethanol. Enogen® corn also allow growers to serve as enzyme suppliers. Syngenta says this opportunity offers growers the potential to earn “up to 40-cents per bushels, on average, premium for grain delivered to the ethanol plant.”

Within recent years, cattle producers have benefited from Enogen® feed corn.

“The last two years, we began to explore the feeding aspects of Enogen®,” Tingle said. “If you think about it – At an ethanol plant, the basic chemical process is there. We’re breaking down starches into sugars that are then fermented (and) ultimately become alcohol. The rumen in a cow does about the same thing. We’re beginning to establish a feed presence in the Corn Belt, providing a value-added crop for corn growers.”

Tingle adds, “Enogen is key strategic pillar for Syngenta to grow market share,” emphasizing on performance.

“If you don’t perform, it doesn’t matter what the technology is,” Tingle said. “We’re proud of the overall performance aspects of our portfolio, and putting this in high-yielding genetics and bringing a value-add component.”

Syngenta offers 31 Enogen® hybrids, ranging from 80- to 120-day. The company encourages farmers interested in Enogen® to reach out to their NK retailer or Golden Harvest seed advisor.