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Convincing everyday people to “give a crop” about farmers

Video Source: giveacrop.org.

by Ben Nuelle

A new campaign showing everyday people the importance of why farmers use crop protection launched recently.

Genevieve O’Sullivan works for CropLife America, a national trade association representing pesticide manufacturers, formulators and distributors.

O’Sullivan says they recently launched “The Talk”.

“The approach is a humorous approach talking about why farmers use crop protection. We put together four 30 second videos to put on social media to get our message out there. It is edgy and really edgy for Ag but we are getting a huge response not just from people within the agriculture community but everywhere.”

O’Sullivan says people outside agriculture need to understand how it works.

“We’re trying to start the conversation and make people think about it. We launched a little over a month ago and we’ve had between 15 and 20 thousand views of these videos already. These are people from the public and some may not be our biggest fans but they like the videos.”

O’Sullivan attended the National Association of Farm Broadcasters convention in November.