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Controversial rider attached to Farm Bill in House debate

Tuesday night the House Rules Committee met to discuss the timetable and rules of debate for the 2018 Farm Bill. One concern the Conference Committee had was moving it through both houses quickly and getting it to the President’s desk without much intrigue. They got close.

The Farm Bill’s Conference Report was signed off on Monday afternoon and dropped in the hopper that evening. The Senate moved quickly and got it passed on the floor by an 87-13 vote. Tuesday night its schedule and rules were discussed at the House Rules Committee. House Ag Committee Chairman Michael Conaway (R-TX 11th) and Ranking Member Peterson (D-MN 7th) were in attendance. Following opening remarks and comments, Committee Chairman Pete Sessions (R-TX 32nd) called for the Motion to move the Farm Bill to the Floor of the House for Consideration. Vice Chairman Tom Cole (R-OK 4th) obliged.

This is where things became a bit contentious. Rep. James McGovern (D-MA 2nd) felt there was not a need to attach the rider to the Farm Bill.

Chairman Sessions countered by saying the members of the House needed more time to get through security briefings concerning Yemen.

McGovern argued classified briefings already have happened.

Ultimately the McGovern’s amendment was struck down by a 7-2 voice vote. Social media has since erupted with comments about this rider attachment. After debate on the floor of the House Wednesday morning, the rider was continued in its position. The whole Farm Bill was brought to the floor Wednesday Afternoon. More on the main Farm Bill movement, this week, can be found here.