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Controlling variability with precision technology

Photo Courtesy of Nutrien

Many events are out of a farmers control: weather, mechanical breakdowns, etc. The largest crop input and services provider is helping farmers better manage their farms, as well as matters within their control.

AUDIO: Mike Evans, Nutrien Ag Solutions

Mike Evans works in the precision agriculture division of Nutrien Ag Solutions. Evans tells farmers who are on the fence about precision technology need to “take a look at it.”

“You talk to some of the guys who have been doing this for a long time, and they say, ‘My field’s all even, and I don’t have any variability.’ You need to look at your farms differently,” Evans said. ‘There’s a sandhill on every farm that’s been burned up or drowned out for 30 years. Why are you managing it the same way? Let’s look at tools and technology to be better at what you’re doing.”

Evans shares what Nutrien Ag Solutions can provide growers, in regards to Ag technology. He also tells us what sets Nutrien Ag Solutions apart from others Ag tech service providers.

“Because of our size and ability to scale, we can give them (growers) a lot of unique offerings,” Evans said. “I do a lot with growers, and offer them grid sampling, variable rate planting and imagery and analysis tools to help them make decisions on their farms.”

Nutrien Ag Solutions offers growers many options when it comes to precision technology. Evans says growers are most excited about the variable rate nitrogen and variable rate planting technologies.

“Guys are seeing the benefit from being more efficient (and) looking at their fields differently instead of blanket spreading 34,000 seeds in corn. (They’re) looking for good areas to push population and fertility, and backing off areas that historically haven’t been that profitable,” Evans said. “It’s just managing differently. A lot of guys are intrigued with that, considering the state of the farm economy. Just trying to pinch the pennies and try to find where it’s most efficient.”

More information about Nutrien Ag Solutions can be found at www.nutrienagsolutions.com.