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Contingency plan could help during pandemic

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Government officials deemed farmers as “essential,” at a time when our nation is faced against coronavirus. This recognition comes with great responsibility, especially as you work to feed and fuel the world. You cannot complete such tasks if you and/or your staff are not well.

Farmers receive credit for practicing social distancing regularly. However, agricultural producers are not immue to COVID-19. Farm operators should consider their next steps, in the event someone on their operation falls ill during the spring season, shares Todd Lorenz, of the University of Missouri Extension.

“This year, more than ever, we need to have a contingency plan. We need to implement a plan on how our operation is going to function this year with coronavirus. Things are not normal, and we must prioritize things like handwashing and sanitation steps,” Lorenz said.

Farm laborers should cultivate good health, both physical and mental, shares Lorenz.

“Another consideration you might have is checking on family, neighbors, and friends. Make sure everybody’s functioning as well as we can hope under all of this stress,” Lorenz said. “And talk to your family, neighbors, and friends about the new safety precautions you have set in place. Maybe that will incite other folks to consider this as serious.”

Lorenz adds producers should keep caution not only to protect themselves, but others.