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Consumer Trends: Beef Top of Mind in Iowa

When Iowa consumers think about buying dinner, beef is top of mind. In fact, 82% of Iowa consumers said beef was a top choice for dinner according to the Consumer Beef Index (CBI). The Iowa Beef Industry Council partnered with the Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska state beef councils to provide consumer insights for each state as it compared nationally.

The CBI measures changes in consumer perceptions of, and demand for, beef relative to other meat proteins; consumer impressions of beef that could be attributed to the industry’s communications and advertising efforts; areas of relative strength and potential vulnerability for beef sales; and market dimensions having an impact on state and national communication strategies.

“The national Consumer Beef Index is an important tool in describing the beef consumer,” according to John Lundeen, senior executive director of market research for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, a contractor to the Beef Checkoff Program.

Although Iowans followed some national trends, they have some unique qualities of their own. For instance, Iowa consumers give beef strong marks for taste and for being a safe, consistent meal. The research also shows that consumers in Iowa have an added importance for taste and preparation, while nutrition and social/ethical measures are of less importance.

“Providing Iowa consumers with the information they want, when they want, is key to our digital marketing efforts,” says Brooke German, Director of Marketing for the Iowa Beef Industry Council. “The consumer research data through the CBI is vital as we look to identifying who our beef consumers are and what is important to them so we can meet their needs.”

Other key take-a-ways showed that 47% of Iowans are eating beef three or more times per week compared to 38% nationally. Additionally, 84% of Iowans have either a strongly positive or somewhat positive perception of beef.

“The research showed that Iowans love their beef,” added German. “Consumers throughout the state find value in consuming beef and they feel like they get good value for their money.”

The CBI was funded by the $1-per-head beef checkoff and was developed in 2006 by the beef checkoff as an evaluative tool to provide meaningful, actionable, data-driven insights on consumer behavior.