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Consumer Beef Tracker shows preferences

Photo courtesy of the Iowa Beef Industry Council

Studying the American consumer is an ongoing effort to find what people like and dislike. How their beliefs impact their choices and how much they know about the products they buy.   

It is said: “Do not overrate the knowledge consumers have and you will not be disappointed.”

At the Beef Improvement Federation Conference, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) vice president of strategic planning and market research Rick Husted presented on the large amount of research his organization has conducted to better understand today’s consumers and how to effectively market beef to them. Husted explains: This extensive research, compiled through focus groups and quantitative work, has led to many of the strategies in place today.

One of the things Husted has tackled in his work, in collaboration with the dollar per head Beef Checkoff, is trying to find out exactly what consumers are thinking about beef. In doing this research, Husted’s team developed the Consumer Beef Tracker, a continuous consumer survey that helps monitor the attitudes and perceptions consumers have about beef.  Husted spoke with Radio Oklahoma Network farm director Ron Hays.

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