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Conservation training available for at AAI Showcase

The Agriculture Association of Iowa (AAI) will be hosting their 2019 Showcase and Conference, next week, at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. There will be many sessions available to help educate attendees about agriculture in 2019. Conservation practices will be among them.

Audio: Interview with Mike Smith of CTIC 

Mike Smith of the Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC) is putting together a great program on conservation farming practices on February 13th. Smith says you won’t come out as an expert on all conservation practices, but CCA’s and Agronomists will know how to recognize what will work on a farmer’s field.

Another part of the training will include how to help farmers navigate and get incentives and assistance through various state and federal programs.

Smith says Iowa was chosen for this year’s training because of the commitment to the state’s Nutrient Reduction Strategy through the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship.

You can register for the conference or get more information from the CTIC website. You can also learn about the AAI showcase here.