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Congressman Loebsack talks impact of rural broadband shortcomings

Congressman David Loebsack. Photo by Dustin Hoffmann

The calls for rural broadband upgrades have been loud. This past weekend, I heard from a listener that her phone company doesn’t even have lines out to where she is, and she cannot get a decent signal to run a satellite provider. The need is rural Iowa is great. Is there a solution?

Audio: Full interview with Congressman David Loebsack 

Congressman David Loebsack came to the KIIC Cornbelt Cow/Calf Conference over the weekend. He addressed the crowd about the government shutdown ending, the Farm Bill implementation, and rural broadband. Congressman Loebsack says the old standards just aren’t good enough for rural Iowa, anymore. New Ag technology is not the only beneficiary of better internet. Rural hospitals need it for telemedicine. Schools need it to access online lessons. If we want to see business expand in rural Iowa, they need it too.

Loebsack says internet providers cannot always justify the cost for bringing better broadband out to rural areas. The congressman gives several options where funding could be obtained. Loebsack says we need to make it fit the providers’ plans.

We need to get rural Iowa 21st century technology before the 21st century is 25% completed.

Audio: Congressman David Loebsack address at the Cow/Calf Conference