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Congressional delegation invites EPA’s Wheeler to Iowa

There has been a lot of uncertainty in biofuels and their relationship with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Now, the biggest question is whether Acting Administrator Wheeler will honor the obligations of the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS). Our congressional delegation has invited Wheeler to Iowa to learn about ethanol first-hand.

Senator Chuck Grassley talked to reporters on Tuesday about what the Iowa delegation would like Wheeler to learn by coming to Iowa. You can read their letter of invitation here.

Senator Grassley says many farmers have lost faith in the administration because of Scott Pruitt’s actions and it is difficult to try and win them back based on what has happened.

Grassley says these actions have caused damage to grain prices. Damage which was unnecessary in a time of trade uncertainty.

Grassley says he is optimistic about Wheeler upholding the RFS. The Senator said Wheeler was supportive of the RFS during his confirmation, but they also heard those same words from Pruitt during his.