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Confirm Perdue, Please

Sixteen farm organizations have written to Senate leadership urging them to confirm Sonny Perdue’s nomination as agriculture secretary before the two-week Easter recess, which begins Friday. The National Corn Growers Association’s vice president of public policy, Jon Doggett, says USDA has been without political leadership for over two months.
“We are very concerned. We need a secretary and folks behind the secretary. We have about 240 political appointments for the USDA by the administration and so far, we’re hung up on the first nominee.”
Doggett says there are a list of issues at USDA, among them the appropriation battles for the current fiscal year, as well as fiscal year 2018.
“I think we may be leaning toward a shut down. It doesn’t look good. There’s not much desire to compromise.” 
Doggett also thinks farmers will need to watch the budget negotiations very carefully, as he expects some major changes.