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Condition of the State address features agricultural interests

Governor Kim Reynolds (R-IA) today introduced her “Invest in Iowa Act,” which looks to “significantly cut income taxes, create a sustainable funding source for our mental health system, reduce the burden of property tax payers, and fund the Natural Resources and (Outdoor) Recreation Trust.”

She unveiled this bill during her annual Condition of the State address, which also featured priorities for rural America in the coming year.

Iowans established Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust in 2010, in an effort to preserve the land. Governor Reynolds “Invest in Iowa Act” looks to amend funding distribution. 

“We need to increase the amount of money allocated for water quality and conservation. Under my bill, an estimated $100 million will go toward water quality efforts every year, representing a 31-percent increase in current funding. We will also commit $52 million for other conservation and outdoor recreation efforts, representing an increase of 14.6-percent of current funding,” Governor Reynolds said. 

Governor Reynolds stated: “I will always be a relentless advocate for our farmers, producers, and way of life.” She hopes to assist  Iowans through enhanced rural infrastructure efforts.

“Today I’m calling for an additional two-million for the renewable fuels infrastructure program, (and) modernizing and expanding the E15 promotion tax credit. This will support the sale of E15 year round and drive domestic demand for our homegrown renewable fuels,” Governor Reynolds said.

“Broadband is not a luxury. It’s critical infrastructure. Connectivity should be the expectation no matter where you live. Let’s make that expectation a reality. Today, I’m requesting we appropriate an additional $15 million and adjust our state match. That will allow us to leverage private and federal funding to build out broadband to every part of Iowa,” Governor Reynolds said.