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Conaway comments on House Farm Bill passage and future

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The United States House of Representatives passed their Farm Bill on Thursday by a two-vote margin, 213-211.

Audio: Full Conaway Press Conference (18 minutes)

House Ag Committee Chairman Mike Conaway (R-TX 11th) was pleased to get the Farm Bill passed in the House.

Once the Senate passes their version of the Farm Bill, it goes to a conference committee. Conaway hopes that Ranking Member Collin Peterson (D-MN 7th) and the Democrats will make contributions during the conference committee meetings.

Peterson has already said he will be in support of the Senate’s version of the Bill, due to the work requirements for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in the House version of the Bill.
Conaway said Committee Democrats got changes they wanted in SNAP.

When asked about payment limits for subsidies, Conaway said farm incomes are too low to limit safety net payments. When queried about Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley’s claims of subsidy abuses by non-farmers, Conaway said Grassley was basing his claims on old data. However, he is willing to work with the Senator on his concerns.

Audio: Conaway on why farmers don’t limitations to their safety net.

Audio: Conaway knows there will have to be compromise with the Senate 

Audio: Conaway doesn’t think the lack of Democratic support will hurt the conference committee process.

Audio: Conaway knows work requirements will be the biggest sticking point in conference committee, but thinks a compromise can be found.