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Compassion carries on in champion steer

Photo featured on Iowa Cattlemen magazine; submitted by Bob Sinclair.

Bob Sinclair, an implement dealer in Williamsburg, shared this special message with us.

Sinclair expresses his feelings about the picture displayed above.

“This is a pretty special picture because of all the people in the background,” Sinclair said. “Susan, George, dad, Jim Field and Cory Reed from Deere, and Bill Donohoe, Pat’s brother.”

He then moves onto what he calls “my favorite part of the story.”

“When we moved to Williamsburg 18 years ago, Lynette Donohoe, Pat’s wife, took Susan under her wing and introduced her to the community,” Sinclair said. “Ten years later, as she was dying from breast cancer, I asked her what I could do to help. She told me to look after her boys (13, 15, 18) and take care of Pat. Pat and I became friends, and then best friends.”

“In January, Pat informed me that I had not bought a good enough steer for Emma, so he bought her one,” Sinclair said. “I tried to pay, but he said ‘no’ and wouldn’t even tell me what he paid.”

Emma, pictured above, brought the steer Pat purchased to the 2018 Governor’s Charity Steer Show. The steer, shown by Jim Field, president, Ag & Turf, John Deere, was named Grand Champion Steer at the show.

However, Pat was unable to celebrate this victory with the Sinclair family.

“Two months ago, Pat was killed in a car accident,” Sinclair notes. “Pat loved the Ronald McDonald House, and his boys showed in the Governor’s show three time previously.”

“One time during the exhibitors work day, there was damage to the ceiling, caused by a water leak,” Sinclair recalls. “Pat was a drywall contractor, so he had the bus take him to a hardware store for tools and supplies, and he worked until the drywall was fixed – missing the lunch with the Governor. Later that evening at Stockman’s, a state trooper collected Pat and took him to the Governor for a ‘thank you.'”