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College Ag students learn how technology has revolutionized the agriculture industry

by Ben Nuelle 

Today you almost can’t walk anywhere without seeing someone using a smart phone. Postsecondary Agriculture Students learned how technology is revolutionizing Ag Wednesday.

Dennis Bogaards is a Pioneer Seed dealer and farmer near Pella.

He spoke to PAS students yesterday in at Ellsworth Community College in Iowa Falls about how technology has helped tremendously change the way we farm. One of those ways is the use of drones.

“This industry keeps growing immensely and I think the future is going to be more and more imagery. Utilizing that imagery along with our yield information we are getting we are going to layer this type of imagery. I don’t see the drone imagery to be the only tool in our toolbox but I see it being one of the tools in our toolbox as we look at increasing yields and cutting costs is how we are going to use it.”

Victoria Butt is a member of PAS.

“I think it is really great seeing our precision Ag program at Ellsworth and then seeing the things they can bring in here today and show us drones and seeing how our ag program can grow through it.”

PAS Blake Bark says he’s amazed at all the technology out there to use.

“With just drones growing today, it is amazing how much technology has changed and how much us growing up with technology like this how we can use it in everyday things and how it helps with agriculture.”

Bogaards adds young people need to know about this technology.

“It was just a great event and to talk to a bunch of young kids who are going to be totally immersed in this technology in the future because this will become a part of our normal daily farming life.”