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Colfax Sheep Auction: May 3, 2014

COLFAX, Iowa – The May 3rd Sheep and Goat market in Colfax had a lighter run of sheep than the previous week, with 333 head of sheep sold. Feeder lambs fetched the day’s high average price at $2.04/lb. Fed lambs brought in $1.72/lb. The market saw a heavier run of 100 goats, with prices ranging from $130-$140/head.

Sheep: 333 head
Weight Price
30-40 pounds N/A
40-50 pounds N/A
50-60 pounds $2.06/lb
60-70 pounds $2.06/lb
70-80 pounds $2.08/lb
80-90 pounds $2.04/lb
90-100 pounds $1.97/lb
100-110 pounds N/A
110-120 pounds $1.81/lb
120-130 pounds $1.73/lb
130-140 pounds N/A
140-150 pounds $1.62/lb
150+ pounds N/A
Goats: 100 head
Weight Price
30-45 pounds $130/hd
45-60 pounds N/A
60-75 pounds $140/hd
76-90 pounds N/A