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Colfax Sheep Auction: June 13, 2015

COLFAX, Iowa – A heavier run on sheep and goats meant softer prices at the second sheep and goat market this month in Colfax. One thousand one hundred and ten head of sheep sold this past Saturday, with feeder lambs fetching the day’s high average price at $1.98 per pound. Fed lambs averaged $1.65 per pound, with prices on the 103 head of goats ranging from $121-$200 per head.

Sheep: 1,110 head
Weight Price
30-40 pounds N/A
40-50 pounds $2.11/lb
50-60 pounds $2.11lb
60-70 pounds $2.07/lb
70-80 pounds $1.98/lb
80-90 pounds $1.90/lb
90-100 pounds $1.74/lb
100-110 pounds $1.67/lb
110-120 pounds $1.64/lb
120-130 pounds $1.64/lb
130-140 pounds N/A
140-150 pounds N/A
150+ pounds N/A
Goats: 193 head
Weight Price
15-30 pounds N/A
30-45 pounds $121/hd
45-60 pounds $170/hd
60-75 pounds $200/hd
76-90 pounds N/A
91-105 pounds N/A
106-120 pounds N/A