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Clipboard Syndicate raised nearly $20,000 for OSU Dairy Judging Team expenses

Traveling and entry fees for the Ohio State University Collegiate Dairy Judging Team competitions are expensive. The students manage the dairy parlor at the Ohio State Fair and do other fundraisers to pay their own way, but as travel costs continue to rise, the long-term budget for the program is looking slimmer. Extension dairy program specialist and collegiate dairy coach Bonnie Ayars decided to address the issue.

“The students are working to raise money for their trips but we need a reserve for the future. For the very first time of my tenure, I am coming forth with a fundraiser for the collegiate dairy judging teams,” she said. “COBA generously donated a calf for us to use at the Spring Dairy Expo Buckeye Classic Sale managed by the kids.”

Leading up to the March 30 sale, shares for the calf were sold for $100 each to raise funds for the judging team. Donors do not own the calf, but played a role in ensuring future opportunities for students on the Dairy Judging Team as a part of “The Clipboard Syndicate.” These shares were sold to alumni and friends of the dairy judging program for the purpose of funding travel, contest entry fees, and other costs associated with the collegiate dairy judging team.

The shareholders then auctioned the heifer as Lot 1 in the 2017 Ohio Buckeye Classic Sale with all proceeds supporting the future of the collegiate dairy judging team through the Ohio State Dairy Judging Program Fund. The Clipboard Syndicate auctioned an early 507HO12788 Frazzled daughter born in December of 2016. Her Kingboy dam is a full sister to 7HO12787 King royal and her maternal line has been an exceptional cow family for the Buschur family in New Weston. She clocks in at +2631GTPI+744NM$+2069M+2.61T.

“It was only a formality to buy into the calf,” Ayars said. “We are proud to announce that more than $19,000 has been raised to assist in the various traveling expenses associated with the program. More than 100 donors and advocates came forth to display their support. However since the sale when the calf was auctioned off at $8,500, we have been approached by more people and businesses who would like to contribute. The opportunity to give remains open.”

Thanks each contributor, COBA for the very special calf, and John Ayars and ST genetics for their support of the Ohio State University dairy judging program. Forms and payment for additional support can be mailed to The Clipboard Syndicate, c/o Bonnie Ayars, 222D Animal Science Building, 2029 Fyffe Rd, Columbus, OH 43210. For more information email ayars.5@osu.edu.