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Climate Fieldview technology can now help make seed decisions

Photo Courtesy of The Climate Corporation

The data gathering technology available to farmers now is astounding. Farmers can look at their fields more completely, and without even having to step one foot in the field if they so choose. Now, Climate Fieldview is introducing the option to help you pick your seeds based on your field’s conditions.

Brett Sitzmann says the goal is to take the technology based on data gathered and information known about Bayer’s seed hybrids, and then use that information to recommend the best hybrids for farmers for their individual fields. Sitzmann gives us a rundown on the results they have seen in Iowa, Illinois, and Minnesota.

Jerry Seuntjens is a Northwest Iowa farmer who was part of these trials. He says the bottom line is a better return on your investment. Seuntjens says he was on the higher end of the averages they saw, and it is because of the benefit of the technology.

Brett Sitzmann says the goal of Climate Fieldview technology is to learn and improve with every pass in your field. This seed recommendation technology is just the next step in this progression.

To find out more about Climate Fieldview technology, visit their website.