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Chinese tariffs on US ag products would be “lose-lose”

A Chinese trade delegation is in Washington this week to hopefully help negotiate our two countries out of a trade war. A war that began over questionable practices by the Chinese and intellectual property, but has put U.S. Ag commodities square in the crosshairs.

During the Iowa State university Soil Management and land Valuation Conference, we were able to gain a unique perspective of the Chinese side of the trade dispute, courtesy of Dr. Wendong Zhang. Zhang is a native of China who says that he grew up in what is considered a rural area of only about 1 million people.

Zhang explains how these tariffs could affect us here in Iowa.

Zhang says a soybean tariff would be disastrous.

Zhang says that tariffs on soybeans would be just as bad for China.

Zhang Says the Uncertainty is causing China to make incentives for domestic soybean production.

Zhang says it does not matter what you produce, the United States cannot possibly consume it all.