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Chinese group visits Iowa State Fair

Photo by Ben Nuelle

People from all of the world come to the Iowa State Fair, even as far away as China.
Several people from China attended the first day of the Iowa State Fair.
Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey hopes they understand the importance of agriculture.

He also hopes they get to see a few livestock shows.

“These kind of shows are a great opportunity to be able to connect with those outside of agriculture, to tell a little bit of that story in agriculture. We have a couple booths and we partner with some of the commodity groups to tell the story about livestock, crops, conservation and the role that farmers play in taking care of the environment and the economic impact of agriculture.”

He reflected on his recent trip to China last month.

“I think there is a great appreciation for the opportunity to sell beef there, if we could sell poultry as well. We have a couple biotech events that we would still like to get ratified in China so that we can use them here in the U.S. We have DDGs that are not going into China for some of the feed producers. We certainly from some of the feed producers in China that they’d like our DDGs.”

The Iowa State Fair began Thursday and runs until Sunday August 20th.