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China not bringing anything to the trade table

Source: Wikimedia Commons

There is a lot of buzz being generated about a meeting we aren’t even 100% positive will happen. As it stands, President Trump is scheduled to meet with Chinese President Xi in Buenos Aires, Argentina, next month. This is all we can say with any certainty.

The proposed meeting gives a glimmer of hope to those seeking an end to the trade war between the United States and China. This will mark the first meeting between the two countries in some time, so the chances for a glorious settlement in Argentina seem like a pipe dream.

Iowa Senator, and member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, Chuck Grassley says we should not read into a meeting too much, because there is nothing for them to negotiate at this time. Grassley says China wants to talk but isn’t bringing anything to the table.

Grassley says having trade deals with Canada, Mexico, the European Union, South Korea, and Japan will help the United States show a stronger front in Chinese trade negotiations.

Grassley says we still have some distance to go with China, but we cannot let fear dictate the negotiations.