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Chemical company embraces growth, offers new products

The Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network caught up with Patrick Ewan, director of brands for Helena Chemical Company, at Commodity Classic 2018. Ewan provides an overview of the company and talks about four new innovations being introduced at Commodity Classic.

AUDIO: World of Agriculture 3-1-18

Patrick Ewan serves as director of brands for Helena Chemical. Ewan shares Helena Chemical works with discovery companies to bring the best-in-class, integrated innovations to its grower-customers.

“We’re in the business of developing value-added products,” Ewan said. “We’re working with a lot of leading – discovery companies around the globe and are really focused on integrating their technologies with other technology, as well our own technologies to bring market leading products, delivering a performance edge both in quality and convenience to grower-customers.”

Ewan says Helena Chemical is embracing new business opportunities in 2018.

“Our business is growing. We have multiple departments: precision agriculture with agri-intelligence, financing, custom application, both ground and air and our Helena products,” Ewan said.

As Helena Chemical grows, so does its product line. Ewan talks about the company’s 60 plus innovations, as well as the new products being introducing at Commodity Classic.

“The four brands we’re showcasing here at Commodity Classic are our Ele-Max brands with Sulfur LC and a nitrogen stabilizer with our N-Fixx XLR,” Ewan said. “We’re also launching a novel insecticide, which I think every grower should have in their shed, called Sultrus. It’s a great insecticide, targeting over 240 crops. In addition, we’re bringing a novel, liquid formulation of sulfentrazone and chloransulam-methyl, (in) a product called Antares Prime which will be a excellent tool for growers to use in managing difficult weeds.”

Helena Chemical offers value-added products to it’s grower-customers. Ewan says the company takes great pride in its uniquely organized, customer-centric business.

“When Helena talks about people, products and knowledge – we live that philosophy,” Ewan said. “We look for great people, local markets. We’re bringing the best in class products, as well as a knowledge and training to keep bringing our growers good information with quality products and services.”