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Check FieldWatch® before pesticide application

Photo Courtesy of FieldWatch

Farmers are finding time to conduct spring fieldwork.

Once the crop is planted and the growing season presses on, it is important for applicators and producers to be approach fields with caution.

Iowa State University Extension & Outreach reminds applicators to check FieldWatch® before making pesticide applications. Kristine Schaefer, program manager for the Pesticide Safety Education Program (PSEP) at Iowa State University Extension & Outreach, says the registry works to protect beehives and specialty crops.

“First off, beekeepers can register their beehives. An applicator can check the location of beehives, if they’re spraying a pesticide, which has a warning about toxicity to bees,” Schaefer said. “We have the Iowa Bee Rule, which (says) all commercial applicators need to check (for) beehives, and then have restrictions on spraying within a one-mile radius. The other aspect is for specialty crops, which we now have a lot of. This could include organic, vineyards, fruit and any kind of nursery crop.”

FieldWatch, Inc. provides apiarists and applicators convenience, in offering smartphone applications, BeeCheck™ and FieldCheck, which are compatible with Android and iOS systems. The tools provides easy access to information, especially in a field setting.

“It’s a good tool for communicating,” Schaefer said. “You have beekeepers and specialty crop (producers) information on there, (and) you can touch base with them. (It’s) a good way to make sure you’re on target and not going to cause problems.”

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