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Change Names of Farm Bill and USDA?

by Ken Root

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That’s the view of John Block, Former US Secretary of Agriculture John Block. He says the name of the Farm Bill should be the “Food Bill” and the USDA should change its name to “U.S. Department of Food, Agriculture and Forestry” He is a republican, but aligns with the views of current U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack.

Block laments the losses in North Carolina and says we are not grateful enough for what we have when others suffer. He shares that, “1.8 million chickens and 4,800 hogs were drown. Farmsteads and livestock housing is underwater, and crops are destroyed.”

Block also talks about Cuba and expanding trade. “If you go to Cuba now you can bring back as much Cuban cigars, and Cuban rum as you can carry. We’ve had a restriction on $100 worth of cigars, but President Obama lifted it.”

Finally, he rails on the national debt which soared 34% in the past fiscal year. “Our debt just keeps piling up. I don’t know how long our country can keep living like this. I know my farm couldn’t.”

Common sense from an uncommon man.