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Challenges for crops this growing season with BASF

Mark Storr at BASF's Story City Research Farm. (Photo by Dustin Hoffmann)

The Iowa Agribusiness radio network had a chance to speak with Mark Storr, BASF agronomist, earlier this month at the Farm Progress show in Boone. Mark gave us his opinions on how crops have handled challenges this growing season and what to expect with fall harvest.

The growing season in Iowa has been defined by extreme differences in moisture in different parts of the state. Mark Storr says that drought and heat stress have been a powerful force on much of Iowa.

Unfortunately, weeds still find a way to thrive even in adverse conditions.

Tar spot has been widespread across a large portion of the state this year and has prospered in the eastern areas that received a lot of rain.

Storr says that he believes harvest will be later this year for most growers.

For more information from Mark Storr and the rest of the BASF agronomy team visit https://agriculture.basf.com/us/en.html