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Cattle Industry Excited to Work With President Elect Trump

by Ken Root

Listen Here: Profit Matters 11-14-16

It is the only thing anyone can talk about right now – how President-Elect Trump managed to pull off one of the most historic races ever for the nation’s top post, defeating the presumed favorite, Hillary Clinton. While it is safe to say, most folks were preparing to work with a Clinton administration, everyone now is asking what the outcome of the election will have on the cattle industry. Farm broadcaster, Ron Hays, caught up with NCBA’s Colin Woodall at the National Association of Farm Broadcasters Convention this week to get his thoughts on the situation.

“My first thought is just still one of shock because I was not expecting this,” Woodall said. “Not only did he pull off the presidential election but I do believe his strong showing is what saved the Senate for the Republicans. So, as we go into 2017, and we look at all of our priorities, all the issues we’ve worked on for many years now, I do believe that we’re probably in a much better position than we have been.”

Moving forward with a Congress and administration that he hopes will be more cooperative, Woodall says some major issues like the Waters of the US rule, are expected to be taken off the table very easily. However, some challenges remain. For NCBA, Woodall says getting the Trans Pacific Partnership passed, is priority number one. He says although Trump has expressed little support for TPP, Congress could still make it happen.

“It’s going to take a little intestinal fortitude but they can do it and they should,” Woodall said. “Every day we don’t have TPP, the US cattle industry is losing $400,000. In today’s cattle market, we cannot as an industry take a $400,000 loss today, yesterday, tomorrow and from here on out.”