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CASE IH’s mission to make new technology simple and productive

Photo courtesy of CASE IH

Back when I was growing up, my tractor had only a few controls; Gear shift, power take-off, hydraulics, throttle, and rabbit or turtle. Nowadays the cabs are so much more complicated. However, CASE IH is doing all it can to make these new features simple to use for even the less-experienced operators.

Audio: CASE IH VP of North America, Scott Harris, at 2019 Farm Progress Show

Finding experienced farm labor is becoming a tougher prospect. Many farmers are having to turn to workers who don’t have as much cab time as more seasoned veterans. With the technology in the cabs, it can be overwhelming. CASE IH Vice President of North America Scott Harris says they are working to make it as undaunting as possible.

This technology is more than just in the cab. The new CASE IH planters is sensing the field conditions help the planting go faster and bigger, but yet get the job done correctly.

As you are rolling into the harvest season, Harris talks about the technology in the newest CASE IH combines and tillage tools.

All these tools interconnect to a platform which allows you to access your data efficiently and decide with whom you share it. Harris says it allows you to farm the way you want.

Harris says CASE IH can make this fool-proof technology based on the decades of experience gathered from their workers who are also farmers themselves.

I asked Harris to channel his inner child for a minute. The kid in him that looks at what CASE IH is doing and thinks, “Wow! I cannot believe we are doing this!” Harris said there is so much stuff for him to choose from, but if he had to pick just one thing, it would be the big equipment.

To find out more about what CASE IH has available, visit your local dealer.