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Capturing a crop

Photo Courtesy of AGCO

Agribusinesses and farmers this week convened at Commodity Classic in Orlando, Florida.

The event provided agricultural companies an opportunity to showcase new technologies.

AGCO proudly displayed a Gleaner S9 Series combine.

AUDIO: Caleb Schlater, AGCO

Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network senior farm broadcaster Ken Root stopped by AGCO’s booth to learn more about this new lineup. Caleb Schlater, with AGCO, says the new S9 Series combine is “a different machine than what anybody has seen.”

“The L Series and C Series – everybody had one of those on their operations. The key thing is where we’ve gone with the Gleaner S9 Series,” Schlater said. “The capacity increase and intuitive technology (makes) it a different machine than what anybody has seen prior. But it still holds true to the fundamental values of Gleaner – being light and nimble, and able to maneuver through fields easily.”

Schlater says the key takeaway is the cost of ownership.

“Because of the simplicity and design, we’re able to manage the total cost of ownership and improve the return on investment, or ROI for our customers in the field,” Schlater said. “

AGCO recommends farmers use a 12-row corn head and 40-foot draper platform. However, Schlater notes header pairing depends on your operational needs.

“When you start diving into that math, you start figuring out – This is the extra cost it’s going to cost me in order to go with the larger head. (Also ask), ‘What’s my opportunity cost? Do I have time to take it off and put on a header cart? Do I have time to hook it up at every field?’ It’s a matter of, ‘Is it right for your operation to go with the shorter head?’ or ‘Is it right for your operation to stay with the wider head?’” Schalter said.

For more information on the S9 Series combines, visit www.gleanercombines.com.