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Canadian land values could trend downward

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Farmers all over the United States have been feeling the pinch in one way or another. We can take some heart in the fact we aren’t alone. Our Canadian brethren have been facing some adversity as well.

For the past eight years, Canada has been seeing steady increases in land values. This trend continued through the first half of 2018. However, in the second half of the year, the trend became a bit sluggish. This could continue into 2019. Farm Credit Canada (FCC) released its annual Farmland Values and Price Trends Report. FCC’s Vice President and Chief Economist J.P. Gervais says the trend in 2019 could see land values flatten or even decline.

Gervais says there have been many contributing factors to this sluggish trend.

It seems the agriculture trade climate is affecting not just the United States. Canadian Farmers are feeling the pinch as well.  It goes back to the old saying, “What goes up, must come down.”