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Canadian farmers left out of prime minister race

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Canada has had its major election and agricultural interests feel left out. They may have backed the wrong horse, or prime minister.

Although we impact them more than they us, it is still of note that farm and rural interests seem to be impacted by national government in a similar way that rural Americans feel.

 By Canadian standards, it was a nasty, bare-knuckle, 40-day street fight of a national election campaign. Most of rural Canada and its intensive agricultural belt gave support to the Conservative Party. In the end, Justin Trudeau and his centralist Liberal Party will continue to lead Canada’s government in Ottawa, but with much less political clout. Canadians elected the Liberals to a minority government, and the Progressive Conservative party will sit as the official opposition.

Many believe a minority makes for the best government. Certainly, there is more cross-party cooperation. With a minority mandate, the Liberals will now need support from at least one of the other four major parties to move a legislative agenda forward. Early indications are that Prime Minister Trudeau will initially approach the left-leaning, new Democrats for help. With Liberal and NDP platforms closely aligned, existing programs for Canadian agriculture are likely to see very little change.

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