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Canadian business presents unique seed treatment

Photo courtesy of Heads Up Plant Protectants

Commodity Classic provides farmers an opportunity to “window shop.” 

Exhibitors feature the latest and greatest innovations in American agriculture, offering growers options. One agricultural company, based out of Saskatoon, Sasketchewank, Canada, highlighted a unique product, offering protection against white mold and sudden death syndrome.

Heads Up Plant Protectants showcased Heads Up, its premier product at Commodity Classic in San Antonio, Texas. Colin Dutcheshen, vice president of Heads Up Plant Protectants, provides further insight into this new method of defense.

“Heads Up is a biological seed treatment, which helps soybean growers fight two of the most devastating in Iowa: White mold and sudden death syndrome. The beauty of the product is it is applied as a seed treatment. With white mold, growers typically think you have to combat that in crop with a foliar application,” Dutcheshen said.

Heads Up is the only seed treatment available for white mold. Dutcheshen says Heads Up provides crops an added layer of protection, helping strengthen plants before disease sets in.

“Having many options and tools you can throw at white mold is the best way to set yourself up for success against the disease,” Dutcheshen said. “Both white mold and SDS are a multistep management approach. There isn’t a silver bullet, but with Heads Up, we can get your seed off to a better start. We always recommend pairing the product with the variety that shows to be the most resistant to the disease that’s of concern in your area.”