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Canada looks to growers in legalized cannabis roll-out

Source: Wikimedia Commons

We are less than one month away from Canada allowing the legal use of marijuana. Producers of the plant are going to play a major role in this endeavor.

On October 17th, marijuana becomes legal for Canadian adults, as a restricted substance. Much like alcohol and tobacco, companies are licensed under provincial and federal guidelines. It is the hopes these regulations will help replace the illegal marijuana trade, in Canada, as Aphira CEO Vic Neufield explains.

Neufield says Aphira is trying to move out of just producing medical cannabis. Neufield says their operation keeps growing, and they are looking for growers who will produce a high-quality product based on the expertise they have already gleaned in the medical markets.

As the future of cannabis in Canada expands, the country will be looking to its growers to help maintain high-standards.