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Canada approves NAFTA handling

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Canadians are supportive of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s (true-doh) handling of the North American Free Trade Agreement. Canada is expected to rejoin the talks this week, as the U.S. and Mexico are working to reach an agreement. Meanwhile, a Canadian public opinion research firm, says 56 percent of Canadians approve of Trudeau’s handling of the ongoing NAFTA talks, representing an 11-point increase since December of last year. Just 24 percent disapprove, and 20 percent are unsure.

The poll shows a majority of Canadians, 55 percent, want a new NAFTA deal only if there are moderate or minor concessions to the U.S., as few are supportive of a deal that makes major concessions. Public expectations in Canada are largely unchanged since December. Four-in-ten expect the negotiations to produce a revised NAFTA that is either a fair deal or overly favorable to the United States.