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Can your diet save the planet?

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Whether you believe the climate is being changed by human activity or not, it will be a major point in presidential debates of the next two years.

Methane from cattle is being examined as a “major” contributor to global warming.

A beef industry sustainability director leads with this quote:

“It’s not going to amount to a hill of beans what you eat, in terms of climate change”

One of the biggest issues for the cattle industry right now, from an environmental standpoint, is the ongoing debate over cattle’s contribution to climate change through greenhouse gas emissions, says National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) senior director for sustainable beef production research Dr. Sara Place

This discussion hit a crescendo with the publishing of the “EAT – Lancet” study, which calls for drastic reduction in meat consumption as a proposed solution to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions originating from the beef industry.

The study recommends a big shift to a largely plant-based diet for much of the developed world. This has sparked another round of intense debate about what humans should be eating and how what we eat impacts the environment.

In a recent conversation with Radio Oklahoma Network farm director Ron Hays, Place attempted to correct the study’s inaccuracies and false representations of the beef industry in regard to climate change.

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