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Campbell’s Soup sees GMO Labeling Bill As An Opportunity

By Ken Root & Whitney Flach LISTEN: Profit Matters 7-26-16

Steve Armstrong is the Senior Food law Counsel at Campbell Soup Company. He spoke as part of a panel discussion on GMO labeling at the 2016 National Association of Farm Broadcasting Agribusiness Luncheon in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Armstrong explains the GMO labeling law passed by Congress.

Speaking on behalf of Campbell Soup Company, he says while not perfect, the company supports the GMO labeling bill. Campbell Soup Company in January announced support for a national GMO labeling standard. Armstrong says, “This bill doesn’t give us everything we would like to see, but it is really a good bill and I do hope the president signs it.” He continues on by saying, “Firstly, it’s good because it’s going to help shine a light on an important issue, which is agricultural technology. If the labeling guidelines are developed with consumers in mind they help explain to consumers what this technology is, what it does, and why it’s important. It’s going to go a long way in shining a light on getting rid of consumer confusion and concern.”

For Campbell Soup Company, he says the company wants to be transparent to consumers. “We know they want to know how their foods are made, where their foods come from, and what goes into their foods. We’ve committed to labelling every single product that uses GMO’s, event products that were exempt from the Vermont Labelling Law.

While speaking, Armstrong announced the results of a recent consumer survey by Campbell Soup Company. The survey polled 2,000 consumers to find out what kind of labeling statement provides clarity and gives consumers the right amount of information. His comments came just after Campbell Soup Company also announced the company would transition to using only antibiotic-free chicken in the near future.