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Brexit Could Bring Market, Policy Impacts for U.S. Grains

by Ben Nuelle World of Agriculture 7-5-16

Britain’s decision last month to leave the European Union could have both market and trade policy effects on the U.S. grain industry. The U.S. Grains Council says exactly how the change could impact farmers’ bottom lines is among the many questions. The EU does not import large volumes of U.S. corn due to trade barriers related to biotechnology. Overall, the total value of all types of U.S. feed grain and related products that were exported in the 2014/2015 marketing year was about $745 million.

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The Maschhoffs, a family owned company that is the nation’s third-largest hog producer, says the plunge in wheat prices has the company using wheat in feed rations. Pro Farmer’s First Thing Today Reports typically, hogs eat a mix of around 80 percent corn and 20 percent soybean meal, but that mix can vary based on the availability of attractive alternatives like distillers’ dried grains.


The Animal Legal Defense Fund is suing Hormel Foods over Hormel’s labels describing some pork products as “natural,” claiming the labels are deceiving to customers. The ALDF filed the lawsuit last week in Washington, DC. Meatingplace reports the complaint takes aim at the processor’s Natural Choice brand of lunch meats and bacon, pitting its slogan “Make the Natural Choice” and claims like “100 percent Natural” and “All-Natural” against consumers’ understanding of what “natural” means.


A government agency in Canada is proposing stronger rules for antimicrobial drugs to combat antimicrobial resistance. Health Canada, the nation’s government department responsible for national public health, proposed the regulations last week. The department is seeking feedback on a regulatory proposal that would strengthen rules governing the importation, sale and use of antibiotics in livestock.