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Brazilian Soybeans Coming In “Excellent”

by Ken Root

Listen Here: World of Agriculture 1-6-17

The soybean crop in Brazil looks to be a good one. Minnesota farmer and Brazilian Agricultural Consultant based in the southern hemisphere Kory Melby says the earliest beans now coming off fields in the largest producing state, Mato Grosso, are excellent.

“The yields are coming in just fantastic. 55, 60, even 70 sacks. In other words, 60 bushels per acre for 90 day soybeans. That’s 20 sacks above the historical norm for that type of technology. So, I am very optimistic that the yields are only going to go up from where we’ve started.

Some areas in Brazil will underperform, thinks Melby. Still, he believes the production potential in Mato Grosso has been understated, to this point. It will make up for shortfalls in the rest of Brazil.