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Brazilian beef scandal may increase U.S. exports

The United States is a major beef exporting country, but we aren’t the largest. That title is held by Brazil.

However, Brazilian Meat Packers have gotten in trouble with export customers as they have been caught bribing meat inspectors to allow tainted meat to be put in the export market. How does this impact the United States. A Texas Beef Cattle Specialist says it may be good news for our country but we need to be careful to not be too jubilant.

The Brazilian meat industry continues to struggle as an investigation into the corruption of 33 public sanitary inspectors and 21 meat processing plants was announced earlier this month.

Extension Beef Cattle Specialist Dr. Glynn Tonsor says this situation could present an opportunity for the US beef industry to gain some of the international market share as the investigation persists.

He told Radio Oklahoma Ag Network Farm Director Ron Hays that since Brazil is such a major player in the global meat market, the world is really paying attention.

“This is an opportunity I suspect the US will fully recognize and when you have growing production at home, we have a volume opportunity to seize that,” Tonsor strategized, adding that this could also parlay into Australia’s low volume situation as they deal with ongoing drought conditions.

“That is an immense opportunity for the US to continue to go on this robust export front,” he insinuated alluding to the remarkably strong demand that’s kept the US been industry afloat this year. “Frankly, I think we have to if we’re going to keep this demand story going forward.”

The U.S. beef export market experienced strong growth in 2016, up twelve percent from the year prior.

Known as the quality leader on the global stage, U.S. beef products have recently made great strides with key trade partners, Japan and Korea.