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Brazilian attends his first Pro Farmer Crop Tour

by Ben Nuelle 

Seven different countries are represented on the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour. Including Brazil and Argentina. Jonas Pizzatto, of Parana Brazil is interning with FC Stone in Minneapolis. This is his first time on the tour.

“I came to this tour to learn more about it because I am South America and I wanted to more about corn and get more information for our FC Stone customers, says Pizzatto.” Pizzatto came to the U.S. a year ago and taught himself English. He says traveling across Nebraska reminded him of back home.

He said “The crop tour looks so similar. I was talking to the guys in the car that it looked like home. The crops and everything, and you don’t have too much irrigation. I really enjoyed it.”

Pizzatto says the tour was close to what he expected.”Well we knew that the crops were in drought during the season. I was expecting to see better crops to be honest. I don’t know if what we took was the worst part, but we also saw good crops. So, I am pretty excited to know the final number, says Pizzatto.”

This year’s Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour is sponsored by DuPont Pioneer.