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Brazil to take more U.S. wheat

U.S. wheat growers are thrilled about a joint announcement from Washington and Brazil that says the South American country will establish a 750,000-ton quota for tariff-free wheat imports. U.S. Wheat Associates and the National Association of Wheat Growers welcome the announcement because it fulfills a longstanding obligation under Brazil’s World Trade Organization commitments.

U.S. Wheat Associates Chairman Chris Kolstad says they’re grateful to the Trump Administration for championing the interests of U.S. farmers. “Specifically, we say thank you to Chief Agricultural Negotiator Gregg Doud and USDA Under Secretary Ted McKinney for prioritizing Brazil’s WTO commitments,” he says. “This new opportunity gives us a chance to build stronger relationships with Brazilian millers and a more consistent market there for U.S. wheat.”

Brazil was the largest importer of wheat in Latin America, as well as the fourth-largest in the world during the 2017-2018 marketing year. The move could bring some relief to U.S. farmers who have lost export sales after President Trump pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and slapped tariffs on major trading partners, which prompted retaliation against U.S. farm goods.