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Brazil Farmers Take Aim at U.S. Crop Insurance Program

Hoosier Ag Today by: Gary Truitt

targetBrazil soybean growers are mulling over a World Trade Organization case against the United States over crop insurance. Pro Farmer reported in a daily newsletter Thursday that Brazil’s soybean growers association, APROSOJA, has reportedly requested that its government consider filing a WTO case against the U.S. soybean crop insurance program. There has been no confirmation as to whether or not the Brazilian government has given the grower group any positive response. Some say the possible Brazilian case could test whether or not the subsidized U.S. crop insurance program is immune from WTO challenges.

A trade policy expert believes any such WTO challenge is “a stretch.” But a farm policy analyst said, “The broader issue is this represents yet another reason the U.S. crop insurance industry is going to have to defend itself ahead.”

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